From Sr. Silvia Melato:

These 30 years of the Home have a lot to say, it is a history of courage, of love, of solidarity, of promoting dignity … a beautiful history written in the heart of the community of Naromoru, and many other people from various parts of Kenya.


In this 30 years of the Home we find our roots, the motivation, the beauty of our service and of our hard work, the meaning of getting tired,….at the same time, while  celebrating  all  this beautiful history, we look to the future with new awareness of what we are, of what this Home means for so many children and families, awareness of the immense potential  both human and professional of the Home, of what we are called to be in a society continuously changing, and today perhaps more than ever, a society which is increasingly aware  of the dignity of our children, who need care,  protection and love, a conducive environment  which  can help improve life condition, can help change.  In this Home we do everything possible to make things change for the children:  it is the reason of this Home.


… no child should  be denied or delayed treatment, although economical constrains might prevent his parents from reaching the Home;  a special attention instead should be given to the most vulnerable members in our communities. The children’s Act says: “a child with any disability has a right to be treated with respect and to be given proper medical care”.

As Naromoru Disabled Children’s Home we  would like to voice the rights and the needs of these children, and reaffirm our commitment to improving their living conditions,  and thus giving them dignity and a better future.  Giving dignity to the person is  the core of our mission as Elizabethan sisters, and we will be faithful to it,  with loving care, competence and professionalism.


A special thanks
To my religious family first, the Franciscan Elizabethan Sisters who started the Home in the 1982:  it is through them that I have the privilege to offer my service to this Home. I would like to mention in particular to the previous sisters in charge.
Sr Annamaria Ceccato           1982 – 1986
Sr Mariantonietta Fabris         1986 – 1995
Sr. Clara Nardo                       1995 – 1999
Sr. Antonia Nichele                 1999 -  2006
Sr. Loredana Scudellaro          2006 – 2009

My gratitude to the Diocese of Pordenone, Italy, whose support has been vital since the beginning of this institution.

To Fr. Elias Gichuki  for standing for this Home with tangible attention and love.
To Mr J.B. Bore chairman of the Advisory Committee and to all the members of the same
My gratitude to the staff, who dedicate themselves with competence and professionalism, and deliver  the mission of the Home in our daily activity.

To the administration and staff of Mathari Hospital: they are our first partners in our commitment  to improving the quality of life our children.

My gratitude to the benefactors, good wishers, to the generous  people who made this Home continue during these 30 years,  people who donated  in a silent way sometimes, but precious and essential.
My gratitude to this community of Naro Moru, to those  who contributed to the starting of this Institution, who understood from the beginning  the value  of the dignity of the children suffering from disability, and fought for their rights to receive treatment, care and love.

Before concluding,  special thanks to everybody who contributed to make this day “beautiful”, the choir, the CWA women, the staff, the volunteers,  the trainees, the CMA.

My gratitude to “Terre Solidali” for their support and for the educational musical activities for our children especially in the Project “Physiotherapy-theatre’ whose result is the performance of our children on this occasion.

May God Bless this Home , our children, may He bless us today and always!

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