From the speech given by Mr. J.B.Bore,  1st July 2012

I saw this Home when it was an empty field after it was given 10 Acres by Bishop of Nyeri Diocese, the late Bishop Caesar Maria Gatimu.

With all those developments  you see one has a reason for being proud for associating with the Home for 30 years, 1982- 2012.

The Home was started as a Harambee project registration number NY1/CD/A/2007.
The aim was and still is to assist physically impaired  children by providing a suitable place with all the necessary facilities to assist them  with treatment, education and recreation activities.

Before the Home was started many local people were hiding their disabled children. In many cases when parents were asked ‘how many children do you have’ replied number less disabled one.
We are very proud of this Home.

We say  big “thanks”  to Missionaries, Fathers and Franciscan Elizabethan Sisters. Special thanks to Father Romano Philip Mureithi for starting this Home. Special thanks go to Parish Council for mobilizing Christians to own the Project.

To our big and small donors we say “thanks” and continue with this noble job..
Today we have assembled here to thank God gor giving us life and enabling us to achieve what you have seen today. The Home needs to grow and your concern and contribution will continue to be appreciated.

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