Fr. Elias Gichuki, main celebrant and Guest of Honour, delivered a powerful speech, and below is the summary of his message.

A big crowd followed Jesus as He went about preaching.  A big crowd followed Him even as he went to heal  Jairo’s daughter. Those who knew the girl had already died persuaded the disciples not to bother Jesus. They did not have faith in Jesus as God and giver of Life.
Jesus went ahead and raised Jairo’s daughter.   Even though many followed Jesus,  He only called a few  to enter the house with him to witness the miracle of raising this girl.

Though there are many Christians, you people gathered to the Home today are the few called by Jesus to witness miracles taking place at Naro Moru Disabled Children’s Home.

After Jesus raised Jairo’s daughter, He told those who followed Him to give her something to eat. In having been chosen to follow Jesus to witness the miracle, He is telling you to give something to eat.
If Jesus had the power of raising the girl, he had also the power to feed the girl, but He wanted those who followed Him to participate and be part of the miracle, to be part of His work.

We get doctors from Italy coming to this Home twice a year. They undertake complicated surgeries for long hours until these children are well again and able to walk, after which they are telling us; “give something to eat”. And that is why we are gathered here, work has been done, the children are up again, with joy and dignity. “Give something to eat, and then you will be part of the miracle”.
As churches, organizations, individuals and groups organize themselves to bring food to this Home, they are answering to this call of Jesus, the main work having been done by God through doctors from Italy. “Give them something to eat”.

When animals give birth to offspring’s, they are able to sense those with disabilities: they eat them . Animals  eat the offspring’s with disabilities to give them a second chance to be born again without disabilities. That is far as the thinking of an animal goes. We are also being asked as, thinking human beings, to give a second chance to our children born with disabilities. This Home and all the work being done here is to give children with disabilities a second chance. No need hiding children with disabilities, bring them here to give them a second chance.

With Blessed Mother Theresa we say” instead of cursing the darkness, light a single candle, and darkness will diminish”. Let each one of us make a contribution however small to reduce the suffering among our disabled children”.

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